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Ready or Not!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Have you ever heard of the phrase "You can never be too prepared!" used when you're dead set on accomplishing a goal? Trust me, that has always been my motto since I was in High School, especially with all the competitions I was involved in. You see, I was highly involved in FFA competitions all throughout high school in order to keep myself busy, and there was nothing I loved more about high school than FFA and my Agriculture classes. I always had the mindset to achieve a goal while trying to prepare for EVERYTHING I could possibly encounter. While I was so busy doing that, I never stopped to ask myself "Well, what if I prepare and something happens that I never thought to prepare for?" until it happened.

Now I'm not saying I recall every moment where this occurred, but I do remember one specific time. I was competing in a contest for FFA while in High School, which happened to be Agricultural Sales. I had thought of dozens of questions the judges could ask me, scenarios that would occur, and even different ways to present the products with multiple outcomes. It wasn't until the judge was on the fence which could disperse into several outcomes depending on my presentation and ability to remain calm and collected that I realized: you can't be prepared for something you've never encountered before, and that's okay.

I carried that lesson with me throughout my whole life. To be completely honest with you, I wasn't prepared for life at all! I wasn't prepared to become an adult, I wasn't prepared to be a wife, and I certainly wasn't prepared to be a mother. I mean, I had my own idea of how to be and do all these things, but I could never truly understand all of these roles until I was right in the middle of them. It took time for me to learn the accountability and responsibility of all of these titles. If I'm honest with you, I'm still not!

Over time I had to accept the terms that came along with being this "new" version of myself. Sometimes I really felt as if I were losing parts of my old self in order to take on these roles, and no one ever told me that it was okay to feel like that. Truth be told, I could never prepare for something whole-heartedly until I was right in the middle of it. I had to learn how to be independent and on my own, then I had to learn how to be a team with someone else, and lastly, I had to learn how to be responsible for someone else in order for them to grow up and become independent one day when adulthood came knocking at their door.

To this day, I still try to over-prepare to be successful, but I quickly remember that I can never be prepared for every little thing in my life. I have to be able to be molded into a better version of myself every single day. You never stop growing, and you'll always have an opportunity to learn with the right mindset. Some days I don't have it all figured out as an adult, or a wife, or even as a mother, but that's not a bad thing! As long as you wake up every day and do the best you can with what you have, then you're as prepared as you need to be.

So, if you feel as if you're not good enough, or prepared enough, just remember that you can't be ready 100% of the time. You learn, and it may feel as if you're breaking into tiny little pieces, but you're not. You're being molded into the new version of yourself for the next phase of your life. You might be scared, because I know I am sometimes. Maybe we grow the most when we do it afraid anyways, and I think being human means that we have to learn how to keep moving forward even if we aren't ready. Ready or not, we have to try.


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