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Meet the Author

Donisha had a love-hate relationship with writing throughout Highschool and college. After much delay she was forced to complete her 1st self-published Autobiography  “The Birthing” in 3 days in the middle of a pandemic. God then spoke to her insecurity behind writing and begin downloading book ideas that are all for an appointed time. 


Donisha has a profound way of captivating her reading audience through her lived experience, her unique writing style, but mainly her love to see people step into their God given purpose and whole-self. She focuses on topics that she believes people need and not what the world says she should be writing about. 


With her love for whole-self care one of her main writing points is your relationship with Christ and how you see him. With her most recent self-published book Walking in your WOW “Experiencing the God of the Heavens” She endured much warfare to get it out of her head unto the paper. She now understands and knows that it will transform people’s lives. 


Donisha inspires to be a Bestselling Self-Published Christian Author. You can expect to see many more books from Donisha. You may also see her in a city near you doing a book signing or speaking. If you do say Hey Heyyyyy Heyyyyyyyy, she’ll know you apart of the crew. 

In the meantime, check out her books “The Birthing" on Amazon or her Book "Walking in your WOW “Experiencing the God of the heavens” E-version available NOW. Hardback & Paperback may be pre-ordered and will be shipped out after November 15th. 


“Creating the life you desire comes with submission to the one who has created you"

- D.Y.Smith-Wright 

Future Bestselling Christian Author 

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