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Who is this Woman you may ask?

You didn’t stumble on this page by accident or maybe you did. Either way, Welcome! 

"To the world I was casted out but to God I was CHOSEN"

Harrisburg, Pa native born and raised now residing in Fayetteville,NC, I've been entrusted as a Chosen Prophet of God, Wife, Mother of 5, Traveling Minister in the United States as well as International, Multi-faceted Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author.

As a traveling Minister with Faith on Wheels Ministry, I wanted to create a business that best served my Family, gave me the opportunity to Travel the world and granted me the flexibility to Minister the Gospel. In the year, 2016, it started as a seed planted. In 2018, I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the Illustrious, Fayetteville State University, went on to become a Mental Health Advocate and Certified WRAP Facilitator. While I never imagined becoming a Full-time business owner, in 2019, I felt empty, hopeless and an urgency to do MORE for my community. Wow Faith Enterprises was born. This enterprise houses several companies such as but not limited to Smith-Wright & Associates Consulting Company that provides Holistic Consulting to Individuals, Families, Businesses, Churches and Ministries, Kingdom Love which helps build Healthier Life-Relationships, WOW Faith Academy focuses on helping the community through Instructional Courses and Wow Faith Apparel & Things is a collective of items that can bring style, class and comfortability while at work, church, or everyday life. 

"If I don't know the answer or solution, I will try and get it or lead you to someone that does"

Many people desire to be known for things and for me that is no difference, people will know me as the #WOWFaithwalker Woman,  who believed in the unattainable, the unimaginable, and the unachievable for myself and for others. 

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